Of course, last Friday’s sweltering afternoon heat didn’t exactly point to brilliant soccer performances and cabinet pieces. Likewise, the somewhat air-poor ball or balls did not exactly invite the tightest shots on goal. Nevertheless, on the grass field of the Freiburg gymnastics team, two quite evenly matched teams exchanged blows that afternoon.

After the kick-off, which this time was delayed by just a few minutes, Team Bunt pulled off the first coup of the day. After less than 7 minutes played, Niklas alias Wüstenshot crossed, soft as butter, to Bernd in the middle, who inimitably maneuvered the ball over the goalkeeper with the back of his head. 1-0 for Bunt!

But Team Green was by no means intimidated by this. The long and agile Julian equalized to make it 1-1. He prevailed on the right flank and slammed the pill into the far corner in a crazy curve. You didn’t really know if that was intentional or if it was an unfortunate cross? Anyway, great hit! There was nothing to hold for the experienced and usual safe support Thomas No.1.

Team Bunt then took the lead again. This time Leo, alias Bolzkehlchen, crossed from the right to the far corner where Schmi netted the ball soberly and ripped off. This shouldn’t have been his last goal today.

So it went happily back and forth. The game became increasingly competitive and harder. Ball conquests and skirmishes in midfield mostly happened. Moves became more unmanageable from then on.

Team Bunt continued to lead, but there was no shortage of chances on either side. As is so often the case, both teams had problems with the utilization of the same.

A somewhat unfortunate foul by Leo on Olic, which caused him to fall painfully to the ground, caused Team Green to wake up. They now stormed more courageously in front of the goal of Stoffel. And finally you managed to get the deserved compensation. The goals were mostly created by classic counterattacks.

The last few minutes were characterized by hectic pace and declining condition on both sides. Bumbling in the switching game as well as too ‘pompous’ actions, as defender Olli described it during the game, ensured that the goal was often not scored. Team Bunt did not manage to take the lead again. Likewise, Team Green failed to turn the game in their favor. Both teams were visibly eager to win until the very end.

Ultimately, the two teams parted on Friday after almost 75 minutes of play with a conciliatory 6:6. A draw that should be fine for both sides.

Now it was time to refresh the dust-dry throats with cooling soft drinks, beer or fag and retreat to the gentle shade!